Thursday, August 19, 2010

Covergirl Simply Ageless

As a bzz agent I get a perfect opportunity to try out the latest and greatest before they hit the market. Sometimes these products are outstanding, other times-they are ok. Covergirl Simply Ageless is ok, I found it to be better than most makeup, not as heavy or cake like feeling. I was really excited about recieving this campaign, the makeup was nicely packaged, and I love that it has sets that match. One of the most fruastrating things about makeup is finding coordinating colors. Not the case with Covergirl simply ageless and covergirl had our interest at heart again by adding Olays Simply ageless to help bring back that youthful look while wearing makeup.

Covergirl Simply Ageless blends easy, without mess or fuss. And it really does hide those late night mommy circles. One thing that I am not fond of is how quickly the cantainers dry up.  Overall the Covergirl Simply Ageless makeup is a nice addition to your collection, one that will make your makeup routine easier.

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